Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Journal 4: Join the Flock/Enhance Your Twitter Experience

            Ferguson, H. (2010). Join the flock. Learning & Leading with Technology, 37(8), 12-14. Retrieved from

Miller, S. (2010). Enhance your twitter experience. Learning & Leading with Technology, 37(8), 12-14. Retrieved from

Join the Flock: In the first article entitled "Join the Flock," Hadley Ferguson describes how she created and developed her own PLN (Personal Learning Network) using Twitter. She gives many suggestions and instructions on the uses of Twitter, including how to setup an account, how to follow someone, how to retweet and make friends, and how to expose yourself on Twitter. She also describes how hashtags can be very useful in exposure to streams of educators who use similar hashtags.

Q1: How do hashtags play a role in who sees what and what are some good hashtags?

A1:  Hashtags play an important role in linking information to a network of people who may find the information useful. After all, what good would sharing lesson plans with just your family or friends be? More people will see posts with hashtags added and the educational hashtags can directly funnel information to other Twitter users' streams. Some good hashtags, according to Ferguson, are #teachers, #educators, #web20, and #pln.

Enhance Your Twitter Experience:

The second article, "Enhance Your Twitter Experience", describes how to enhance one's experiences on the social website Twitter through various tools. She also includes a section on Twitter terminology, which she dubs "Tweminology" at the end of her article. Miller encourages new Twitter users to become active in their areas of interest and parcipate in discussions after they feel comfortable. With the right exposure, new Twitter users can adapt and join groups that will help build PLN's.

Q2: Why is it recommended that we acquire tools to organize our Twitter accounts?

A2: Miller recommends that we manage and organize our tweets with a Twitter organizer tool such as TweetDeck or HootSuite. Both tools organize the streams of data acquired from Twitter into easily managed columns. Miller herself says that she often has multiple columns which house her favorite lists so that she can be up to date on all the information.

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